Almost a Century of Innovation

It’s been almost a century of invention and innovation, evolving needs and changing styles. And iconic, trusted Pyrex glassware keeps finding new uses, much like the durable Pyrex brand products that cooks pass from generation to generation.

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About Pyrex

The Pyrex® brand story starts with equal parts of American invention and creativity. The heat-tempered glass that is the foundation of the Pyrex brand was created years earlier by Corning Glass scientists charged with developing lantern glass for railroads. They needed a glass that could handle changes in temperature.

By 1913, the glass was used in a number of industrial applications. But it found its way into the kitchen when Bessie Littleton, wife of a Corning scientist, asked her husband to bring home some glass to use in place of a broken casserole dish. He gave her the sawed-off bottoms of some battery jars.

A cake was baked, an iconic brand was born and, as they say, the rest was history. Pyrex glassware is proudly made in the USA, and has been used by generations of cooks and bakers from coast to coast.

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